Mayhem - Watchers




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Produced by - Magnetar Studio

Director - James Pesature

Editors - Mark Belden, James Pesature

Lighting Designer - Anne Weckström

Stage Prop Design - Sharon Ehman

Watchers Logo Design - Christophe Szpajdel

Logo Animations Design - Madeline Quinn

Technical Advisor - Dhruv Kumar

Captured at Baltimore Soundstage - 11/25/15 - Black Metal Warfare ll

Camera Operators :

Jonathan Arevalo
Collin Baker
Mark Belden
Shane Gardner
Max Levine
Johnny Perilla
James Pesature
Jö Schüftan
Sydney Thibault

Camera & Equipment Rentals Supplied by - Lumoid

Lyrics :

Nexus, Astral, Archon, Portal

Come to my spinal serpent
Fatal doom in DNA-design
Result of the ancient covenant
Outer races made upon mankind

The genesis of human race
Endless cosmic experiment
To enslave the supreme self
Hybrid of alien genes

Nexus, Astral, Archon, Portal

Illusion of flesh and blood
Embedded in the core of mind
Cold-blooded instincts
Demon seed inside

Nexus, Astral, Archon, Portal

Eternal mental distress
Ruthless tyrant of self
Hopeless race of victims
Wolf among sheep
Territorial, deceitful
Aggression and dominance
Locked in time

Reflection of your inner self
Impossible to defeat
Schizophrenic paranoid
Atavistic enemy

Nexus, Astral, Archon, Portal

I am that voice in your mind
I came from the end of time
To antagonize humankind
Determining the most sublime